Although we, the Gallaudets, are your main point of contact throughout every real estate transaction, there are a lot of moving parts and other important people are involved -- people that we must rely on and trust to deliver the same high level of service and results that we know you require. To insure that you arrive at a smooth closing, we enjoy a great working relationship with an extended team of professionals to make the journey as easy as possible. Our extended team consists of a Transaction Coordinator, an Escrow company, a Title Company, a Home Warranty Company, professional home inspectors as well as a list of service providers to take care of any unforeseen problems that might arise.

We have a great working relationship with the following:
  • Pacific Coast Escrow
  • Fidelity National Title
  • Franklin Loan Center and First Capital Mortgage
  • Fidelity National Home Warranty

We have selected these members of our extended team because of the service they provide and professionalism with which they give it in order to make this emotional transaction as smooth, stress free and enjoyable as possible.